1mm VLBI Call for Proposals: Proposal Submission

Proposals for 1mm VLBI using phased ALMA and the EHT must be submitted to ALMA by the proposal submission deadline - Thursday, 20 April 2017, at 15:00 UT.

The scientific justification for an ALMA proposal is limited to 4 pages (A4 or US letter), at no smaller than 12pt font. The technical justification is entered through a free-format text field in the OT, and is in addition to the pages allowed for the scientific justification.

For a complete description on the ALMA proposal submission process, visit the ALMA Science Portal and the relevant documentation for the Cycle 5 Call for Proposals at www.almascience.org. Questions about submitting proposals as well as any other technical or scientific questions about ALMA can be submitted by logging into the ALMA Helpdesk at help.almascience.org.